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Welcome to Second Wind

New things are afoot!

Show announcement in June


Jerusalem was an awesome experience. With an average customer rating of 4.8 Stars, we can't be more pleased with how things turned out.

The stage is momentarily dark, but that doesn't mean we aren't producing. Currently, we're selecting our next mainstage production, so check back next month to see what's cooking.

Meanwhile, our media production arm Hurricane Images Inc. has been busy: filming a 4-part series for the California Department of Public Health, an Anniversary video for Hilton Wordwide, and a promotional video for Aquatic Touch. And Artistic Director, Ian Walker, will also be is currently directing 3 short works by Linda Ayres Frederick and Nancy Cooper Frank in this year's San Francisco Fringe Festival.



~ Vigilance, San Francisco Examiner

"Stunning poignant"

~ The Bloodknot", The Denver Post

“A zany, well-crafted hit”

~ A Beautiful Home for the Incurable, SF Bay Times


Upcoming Show: Announcement in June! Check back soon!!

Check the Show Schedule for details.

Here's what is happening in our theater now:

March 2016

Our Theater
Moving Title Ashes


March 4 - March 26, 2016


Show Schedule


Friday/Saturday: $25

Thursday-Sunday: $25

Closing Night Gala, March 26th $25

Where Are We Located?

The Phoenix Theatre

414 Mason St. (@ Geary), San Francisco

Or reserve at (415) 335-6087

Show Schedule

Parking, Where to Eat, and our Concessions

See you in the theatre!

One night can change your life.

Second Wind believes theatre is a vehicle for getting people fired up and engaged in issues that are important to them. We embrace the tradition of theater as an instrument of both education and catharsis. Charles Brousse of the Marin Independent writes: "Second Wind has a goal that is rare in today bottom-line driven theatre world: to use the stage to explore social and political issues that impact ordinary Americans lives."

Looking for audition information? Check out our Audition page for sides and more.

Want to become a part of the process! Looking for your daily tidbit of theatre inspiration? Check out our Twitter account. Rather than pitch shows, we focus on tools for producing theatre, inspiration for artists, and tips.

Want to get behind the scenes? For our production of Jerusalem, Second Wind's Artistic Director, Ian Walker, will host Second Wind's production diary of the rehearsal and design process so you can watch the show develop from behind the scenes. Beginning March 1st, you'll be able to see clips of rehearsals, learn about the designers, hear the playwright speak on the playwriting process, and learn more about this fascinating time in history. Visit our blog to join the action.

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Teaser for Jerusalem

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