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AUDITIONS: Second Wind will be holding auditions for Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth on Sunday, August 9th. We're looking for:

Five Females: PHAEDRA: Any ethnicity,15-18 years of age; Ms. FAUCET: Any Ethnicity,-25-45 years of age; PEA: Any Ethnicity, 15-18 yrs of age; TANYA: Any Ethnicity, 15-18 years of age; DAWN: Any Ethnicity, 35-45 years of age.

Eight Males: GINGER: White, 25-35 years of age with red hair; PROFESSOR: White, 50-65 years of age; LEE: Any Ethnicity, 20-25 years of age; DAVEY: Any Ethnicity, 24-30 years of age; WESLEY: Any Ethnicity, 45-55 years of age; TROY: Any Ethnicity, 35-45 years of age; PARSONS: Any Ethnicity, 25-40 years; MARKY: Any Ethnicity, 8-13 years of age.

AUDITIONS: Auditions are by appointment only: call (415) 335-6087. Auditions will be held at The Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason Avenue, 4th Floor, in San Francisco. Auditioners should prepare 2 contrasting monologues under 3 minutes combined. Please bring a headshot and resume, too!

DIRECTOR: Misha Wyatt

CALLBACKS: Saturday August 15th, 2pm-6pm the Phoenix Theatre, 6th floor, in San Francisco.

PERFORMANCES: March 4 - 23, 2016. A Thursday - Saturday evening, Sunday matinee schedule.

STIPEND: We're offering a $150 stipend.

EQUITY STATUS: These are non-Equity roles (sorry-- but hey, give AEA a hard time because we wouldn't mind working with you again)

REHEARSALS/PERFORMANCE: Rehearsals for JERUSALEM will be 7-10pm Monday-Thursday; and Sunday afternoons from noon to 5pm. Rehearsal location TBD.


ABOUT THE PLAY: Jez Butterworth big, brawling play centers around the Johnny Rooster Byron and the band of party-ers and misfits that call his woodland grove home. Faced with impending eviction and the disappearance of last year's May Beauty Queen, the Rooster's team pits themselves against the powers that be.

  • "An instant modern classic" – Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph
  • FOUR STARS: "A welcome blast of bracing fresh air. Tender, touching, and blessed with both a ribald humor and a haunting sense of the mystery of things." – Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph
  • FOUR STARS: "Jerusalem is a bold, ebullient and often hilarious State-of-England or (almost) State-of-Olde-England play." – Benedict Nightingale, The Times
  • "One of the most exciting new plays in ages." – Ben Brantley, New York Times
  • "Magnificent… a great frame-busting play that still exists solidly within a conventional framework. Jerusalem could have been written in almost any year from the 1920s onward. Yet this work takes you places — distant, out-of-time places — that well-made plays seldom do. And it thinks big — transcendently big — in ways contemporary drama seldom dares." – Ben Brantley, New York Times
  • "Jez Butterworth’s gorgeous expansive new play keeps coming at its audience in unpredictable gusts, rolling from comic to furious, from winsome to bawdy." – Susannah Clapp, The Observer
  • FIVE STARS: "An invigorating, yelping, defiant portrait of 21st century shires England." – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • FOUR STARS: "A wonderful, rollicking, dark comedy about contemporary life in rural England." – Sarah Hemming, Financial Times
  • FIVE STARS: "Hilarious and/or gripping throughout." – Caroline McGinn, Time Out London
  • "Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem is one big, messy, exciting, long play." – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

    These Sides are PDF files.


    ~ SIDE ONE: Phaedra

    ~ SIDE TWO: Marky

    ~ SIDE THREE: Lee

    ~ SIDE FOUR: Troy

    ~ SIDE FIVE: Davey

    ~ SIDE SIX: Ginger

    ~ SIDE SEVEN: Wesley

    ~ SIDE EIGHT: Faucet

    ~ SIDE NINE: Tanya

    ~ SIDE TEN: Pea

    ~ SIDE ELEVEN: Professor

    ~ SIDE TWELVE: Dawn

    Good luck! And we look forward to seeing you in the theatre.